The Ultimate Girl Talk

This laugh-filled, 40-minute performance is perfect for spouse programs, women’s luncheons, seniors, fundraisers, bridal showers.

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You’ll Learn …

  • Why women should avoid professional athletes and Justin Bieber

  • How to translate the phrase: “I need to find myself.”

  • The pros & cons of marrying a nerd.

  • Why straight women should consider same sex marriage.

  • The last vestige of chivalry every woman must demand.

About Judi Schindler

Judi Schindler — actress, public relations consultant, speaker – draws on 50 years of marriage to reveal the secrets behind selecting a husband and maintaining him in good working order. “Husbands: An Owner’s Manual” offers witty, candid advice for women who want to stay married for the rest of their lives.

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A Manual on Husbands…

Even toasters come with manuals. And what could be easier than making toast?

Gift Giving…

Vacuum cleaners, beer coolers and Thigh Masters: bad gifts.

Staying Married…

In the Middle Ages, couples didn’t divorce. Famine and disease put them out of their misery.

The Other Woman…

It’s easier to admire a man, if you aren’t married to him.