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Today I’m writing on a topic I know nothing about (as if that ever stopped me): “wife swapping” — also known as “wife sharing” or the more PC, “swinging.”

I regularly get emails from a social media site called, “Quora,” which posts a question from one of its subscribers and then publishes answers provided by other subscribers.  Many of the questions are relatively bland, i.e. “Have you ever walked out of a restaurant after you were seated by a waiter or waitress?” Yeah, so what?

But then I noted a number of questions and answers on the same provocative topic:

What are the benefits of wife-sharing?

Can you tell me of your wife-sharing experience?

Should I share my wife with another man?

How have couples started with wife-sharing?

Does wife-sharing strengthen and refresh a married couple?

Why is wife sharing common in rural Pakistan?

(Turns out the latter question was based on a false rumor and is absolutely, positively untrue.  So, unpack your bags.) 

It seems that “swinging,” the practice of married couples exchanging partners — first popularized in the 60’s, is making a big comeback thanks to the internet.

In the old days, partying couples would throw their keys into a pile, randomly select another set and pair up with their owners. Today, it’s a big business with numerous websites vying for market share. (Are you even surprised?)

For those who want to check it out, here are the five top sites:

  1. Adultfriendfinder.comis reported to be the oldest and largest swinger site on the internet, with more than 27+ million members and adding 20,000 new members every day.
  2. This claim is challenged by Swapfinder.com, which says it has 74 million members. Swapfinder also offers sex chats and detailed member profiles as well as nude photos and videos of its members.
  3. XMatch.compromotes itself as an “international, sex-positive community,” and it is the only site to offer video cam sex chats in addition to Instant Messenger.
  4. Bicupid.com, which has a select community of 1.4 million bisexuals, hooks up bi-curious singles, swingers and bi-daters, straight, gay lesbians, threesomes and “moresomes” in an endless variety of combinations.
  5. Then there is ALT.com, the “leading adult fetish and bondage play destination online.” The site introduces you to others who wish to explore such fetishes: feet, latex, spanking, medical devices, legs, hair, nylon and/or bondage, to name just a few options

So back to Quora, what did some of the participants have to say about conjugal sharing?

One husband said he began sharing his wife with other men after 25 years of marriage and that it improved their sex life.

Another says swapping lets others to know what an incredible woman he has, and it does wonders for her self-esteem.

And a third revealed he watched in secret as his wife, who was bored with him, had sex with an old boyfriend. It allowed him to pick up pointers that improved their sex life together.

Still others found the concept creepy, abhorrent, dangerous and a sign of sexual immaturity.  But, hey, who’s judging?

Have you ever considered swapping or a three-some? E-mail me. I won’t tell a soul.

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