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A former marketing executive, Judi Schindler, is a past president and founding member of the Chicago Area Chapter of the National Association of Women Business Owners. She is a member of the Leadership Team of Engaging Speakers and the Advisory Board of the Chicago College of Performing Arts at Roosevelt University. She’s listed in “Who’s Who in America,” “Who’s Who in American Women” and “Who’s Who in the Midwest.” Follow on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Subscribe to “The Toilet Seat Must Go Down!”

Dating Sites Match Up Beauties, Preppies, Dorks, Etc.

Are you hoping to find a new husband under the Christmas tree or just a date for New Year's Eve? Here's good news, there's a specialized dating site out there created with you in mind. Forget e-harmony, Tinder and match.com.  They're so "everybody."  You're more likely to find a common bond with someone on one of these sites: Beautiful People Is just as advertised. To join, you must be voted in by other members.  Not sure how well the site works, but it gets my vote for weirdest home page.  (See above) The Right Stuff Bills itself as an international introduction network for single graduates and faculty of [...]

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Check Out Bartlett’s “Unfamiliar” Quotations

On several occasions, this blog has quoted some of the most famous wits of the world the topic of men, marriage and relationships. We've heard from such well known pundits as Oscar Wilde, Zsa Zsa Gabor, Roseanne Barr, Elizabeth Taylor and Nora Ephron. Today's quotes are not from any of those people. (Not by a long shot.) Stepping down a peg or two, we glean these words of wisdom straight from, "Husbands: An Owner's Manual."   The Other Woman: "It's a lot easier to admire a man if you've never washed his underwear." The Divorce Rate: "Back in the Middle Ages, couples didn't divorce.  Famine and disease put [...]

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The Case for Slightly Used Merchandise

(This Week's post is taken from Chapter 5 of "Husbands: An Owner's Manual.") You may have wanted a brand, spanking new husband, but the one you got had a previous owner.  Everything is fine under the hood, the motor purrs like a kitten but he’s got a few miles on the tires and a scratch or two on the rear left bumper. Selecting a pre-owned husband has its pros and cons.  On the one hand he’s already broken in.  Someone else taught him to put down the toilet seat, hold back your hair when you puke and tell you your butt looks fine. On the other hand, used husbands [...]

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Gift-Giving: Why Men Never Seem to Get It Right

"Husbands: An Owner's Manual," has a whole chapter on gift-giving. The author (that would be me) rightly points out that gift-giving is a skill for which most men are not factory equipped.  Here are some mistakes they often make. Overly Practical: Gifts of vacuum cleaners, washing machines and sauce pans imply you might as well wear flannel pajamas to bed. Insulting:  Thigh Masters, over-sized sweaters and gym memberships (unless specifically requested) say he's been eyeing younger women at work. Thoughtless: Then there are those "Holy-crap-it's-her-birthday-what-am-I-going-to-do-Walgreen's-specials" like stuffed animals, helium balloons and Russell Stover boxed candy. (I won't stoop to comment.) Most men never get it right and give [...]

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November 1, 1964 to November 1, 2017

Fifty-three years ago, today, I walked down the aisle, dressed in a white silk empire dress and the puffiest veil on earth, to marry a young, handsome guy, the love of my life -- a stranger, I barely knew. I was 22: Jack was 26. Babies. With everything I've learned since then, I could write a book. (Oh, wait, I did.) To commemorate our anniversary, I recruited a few long-married girlfriends to talk about spending their entire adult lives with the same person. Judy Horwitz and her husband, Don, recently celebrated 50 years of wedded bliss. (In reality, they were married 52 years, but the first two were [...]

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I’ll Have What She’s Having

One of my favorite writers is the late Nora Ephron, who wrote the screenplays for such movies as "Sleepless in Seattle," "When Harry Met Sally," "Silkwood;" as well as books ("Heartburn," "I feel bad about My Neck: And Other Thoughts on Being a Woman"), and plays (Love, Loss and What I Wore," "Lucky Guy.") Born the same year*, Ephron and I were contemporaries. Reading one of her books, feels like listening to a girlfriend. I understand her point of view and admire her powers of observation, even when I don't always agree with what she said. Here are some of the best quotes on love, marriage and relationships [...]

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I’m Rooting for a Woman Scorned

Call me crazy, but I don't want to hear another word about Harvey Weinstein and his disgusting, criminal behavior. I'm very interested, however, in hearing more about Georgina Chapman, the beautiful and talented fashion designer, to whom he was married for 10 years and how she plans to get even. She's issued a public statement condemning his actions and announcing her marriage is over.  In the wake of the scandal, her fashion house, Marchesa, may be over as well. At least, that's the latest Internet buzz. So, she's publicly humiliated, her family is eviscerated, and her business may be washed up.  I personally hope she's planning a suitable [...]

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For Every Pot, There’s a Dating Site That Covers

One of the best things about being married is you don't have to shave your legs, blow dry your hair and put on high heels just to spend an agonizing three hours with a stranger whose conversation is limited to his skin condition or ex-wife. And those of us lucky enough to marry four or five decades ago, dodged the on-line-dating bullet. (We had to rely on maiden aunts and clueless roommates to arrange our bad dates.) I will admit, however, that dating sites have gotten very sophisticated in recent years.  You can by-pass the very generalized Match.com and eHarmony and focus precisely on what you're looking for. There's [...]

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They Say That Breaking Up is (Not) Hard To Do

Remember the "Sex and the City" episode where Carrie's boyfriend, Berger, broke up with her on a Post-It Note?  That's so yesterday. According to the DailyMail.com, an online affiliate of the UK's Daily Mail, couples today are breaking up via text message. The article claims that men and women from around the world learned they were digitally dumped by looking at their phones. Here are some of their stories. "My wife thought that the perfect time to ask for a divorce was over a text message while I was at my grandmother's funeral."  "My husband asked for a divorce over text.  Part of our failure was lack of communication. [...]

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Diamonds No Longer A Girl’s Best Friend

According to a recent study at Emory University, engaged couples should hold back on the bling and cancel the caterer. Two economists, Andrew Francis and Hugo M. Mialon, surveyed more than 3,000 married people in the United States and concluded that "marriage duration is inversely associated with spending on the engagement ring and wedding ceremony." Perhaps someone should have told Elizabeth Taylor, seen with a few of her multi-carat diamonds. Delivering a low blow to the wedding industry and Kim Kardashian, they report that men who spend $2,000 and $4,000 on an engagement ring are 1.3 times more likely to divorce than men spending between $500 and [...]

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