On several occasions, this blog has quoted some of the most famous wits of the world the topic of men, marriage and relationships.

We’ve heard from such well known pundits as Oscar Wilde, Zsa Zsa Gabor, Roseanne Barr, Elizabeth Taylor and Nora Ephron.

Today’s quotes are not from any of those people. (Not by a long shot.) Stepping down a peg or two, we glean these words of wisdom straight from, “Husbands: An Owner’s Manual.”


The Other Woman:

“It’s a lot easier to admire a man if you’ve never washed his underwear.”

The Divorce Rate:

“Back in the Middle Ages, couples didn’t divorce.  Famine and disease put them out of their misery.”

 Living with a Man:

“. . . means stepping over dirty laundry and giving up all rights to the remote control”

 Same-Sex Marriage:

“I strongly favor [it] even for people who aren’t gay.”

Cracking the Code:

” ‘I need to find myself’ means, ‘I have a girlfriend.’ ”


“Having your husband retire means half the income and twice the husband.”

Hearing Loss:

“Husbands go wife-deaf after 20 years.”

 A Manual on Husbands:

“Even toasters come with manuals, and what can be easier than making toast?”


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