I’m perfectly aware that couples can meet online.  They can plan their weddings online.  They can even file divorce papers online.

What I didn’t know, is they can also go online for marriage counseling using skype, chat rooms,text messages and message boards.  Furthermore, most of these features can be accessed 24/7 through an app that sits on your smart phone.

Please note, this is not some one-off phenomenon.  Collectively, the top six online therapy services get 2,540,000 site visits per month, according to e-couseling.com, an association of on-line counselors

The largest “cyber shrink” is www.betterhelp.com, which boast 2,000 licensed therapists. gets 1,400,000 web visits per month or 16,800,000 hits per year.

The service charges $35 to $70 per week for unlimited access via text messages, live chat, phone or video conferencing.

When you consider that in-person counseling can cost $150 to $200 per session, online therapy appears to be a bargain.

That’s particularly true with Prestoexperts.com. which undercuts the competition, by offering three minutes free plus a 25% discount for new clients.

Then there’s Power of Two, which boasts such services as “videos, games, worksheets, e-mail tips and reminders, text message challenges and all sorts of other materials.” You won’t get any of that that with old-fashioned brick and mortar therapy

When you consider the low cost, fun games and never-get-off-the-couch convenience, new age marriage counseling is pretty appealing.  You almost want to make up an issue to give it a try.

Any traditional therapists out there?  If so, how does that make you feel?

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