What’s the first thing a young couple has to decide when they get engaged? No, it’s not the wedding date or the venue or who will walk the bride down the aisle.

In the social media age, the most important decision is the “wedding hashtag.”

I confess, until recently, I didn’t even know such a thing existed. While, I was basking in my ignorance, however, a whole industry cropped up.

For those who are equally oblivious, let me explain: couples today create a unique hashtag, which is added to invitations, party fare, online websites and social media posts.  Think #MeganHarry2018 or #BradAndAngelina4Ever.

Friends and family can then search for the hashtag online to keep up with pre- and post-nuptial events.

The couple has a number of options for creating a hashtag. They can do it themselves (using any one of a dozen online articles for advice); they can use a free automated hashtag generator, or they can hire professionals to do it for them.

The pro websites boast custom, creative hashtags, like:  #DoubleDoeutch, #ACoppolaNewlyWeds and #TheHeissIsRight. Give them your names, your nicknames, wedding date, etc., and they’ll give you three customized suggestions for $19.99.

To encourage your wedding guests to post their own photos from your big day, go to Etsy and select hand-made signs with your hashtag to display at the reception. I stopped counting, but there appear to be more than 100 hashtag sign makers offering everything from framed calligraphy signs to giant wood or metal versions that can be displayed in your home after the big event.

Wedding website The Knot offers a number of hashtag tips, such as: check to verify no one else has previously used the same hashtag or add the wedding date to make yours unique.

For inspiration check out other couple’s hashtags. Some of the best I found on line were: #PaigingDavid, #MyFehrLady, #JensonsPartyof2, #JamieTiesTheNat, #GoingFortheGould, #WaikikiWithGregAndLeigh, and #JoyneTheParty.

I couldn’t help wondering, if Jack and I were getting married today, what would our hashtag be? To figure it out, I tried one of the automated generators, which came up with such suggestions as: #judiAndjackSayIdo, #NoGoingBackJudiAndJack and #JudiAndJackSittingInATree.

Or maybe we’d just used: #JudiMakesJack’sList. Get it? Get it?

What’s your hashtag?  Click here to let me know.

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