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Since writing Case #1 in the ongoing saga that is modern-day dating, I’ve been inundated with stories about on-line mis-matches and first dates that quickly became last dates.

There’s the married man, pretending to be single, who arranged to meet at a neighborhood bar.  Five minutes into the conversation, he leaned over to ask if she liked oral sex.

Then there’s the elderly gentlemen who came out of the bathroom totally naked.  When his date was not impressed, he upped the game with some body poses he must have practiced in front of a foggy mirror. She left before he could show her his selfies.

And let’s not forget the guy who took the occasion of a first date in a public restaurant to sob loudly about how much he loved his ex-wife.

But Cynthia wins for worst date of all, courtesy of Match.Com.

He wasn’t just a nerd.  He was a nerd who must have lived and worked in his mother’s basement, isolated from the outside world.

They met in a Chinese restaurant for dim sum.  He never heard of dim sum

He got scammed by a previous match who was from some European country, where her father was in desperate need of money to pay off the mortgage, a hospital bill, a band of cut throats or something.  (He believed it.)

Worst of all, he didn’t seem all that interested in Cynthia, who is an attractive, funny, smart, professional woman.

When he finally got around to asking what she did, she told him she was a commercial photographer.

“Oh, great,” he said. “Can you take my head shot so I have a better chance of meeting women on”

OK, I know, being single has its advantages, but excuse me while I go kiss my husband.

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