Are you hoping to find a new husband under the Christmas tree or just a date for New Year’s Eve? Here’s good news, there’s a specialized dating site out there created with you in mind.

Forget e-harmony, Tinder and  They’re so “everybody.”  You’re more likely to find a common bond with someone on one of these sites:

Beautiful People

Is just as advertised. To join, you must be voted in by other members.  Not sure how well the site works, but it gets my vote for weirdest home page.  (See above)

The Right Stuff

Bills itself as an international introduction network for single graduates and faculty of Ivy League colleges and universities.  They boast 4,600 members ranging in age from 20 to 88.


Matches people up by their musical tastes.  (My own taste runs to Broadway and Bette Midler so my perfect match is likely to be gay.)


Says it’s the largest site for geeks, dorks and nerds. Promises to find you an awesome date to for the next Comic-Con.

Date A Cowboy, Equestrian Singles,  Equestrian Dating and Find Horse Lovers

Are just a few of the sites that match up the un-tolled number of horsey types out there.

Animal People Personals

Is for singles who like other types of animals.  Owning a pet is not a prerequisite.


Members include vegans, lacto vegetarians, macrobiotic eaters, raw vegans, raw vegetarians and raw foodists, and those in transition.  Presumably, these are the people who really like animals.

Mensa Match

To qualify, you must take the Mensa test or submit qualifying scores proving that you are in the top 2% of the general population on a standardized intelligence test.

Dating After 50

While there’re dozens of sites that specialize in older singles, there’s still a gap in the market.  I propose:

— (for those who drive after dark) or

— (for singles with newly installed hips or knees) or

— (for those who still use flip phones and only turn them on when they need to make a call.)

Surely, there’s a market for the latter.


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