Lucy Liu, Ginnifer Goodwin and Kirby Howell Baptiste seek revenge on cheating husbands in new TV series, “Why Women Kill.”

Cheating steps into the spotlight this August when CBS All Access launches a new series, “Why Women Kill,”starring Lucy Liu, Ginnifer Goodwin and Kirby Howell Baptiste.  It’s about three women, in three different decades, who discover their husbands are cheating and how each seeks revenge. The trailer looks like plain, old fashioned fun! Check it out.

Revenge is always fun, if you aren’t the recipient, of course. There’s a perverse pleasure in evening the score. The internet is filled with hilarious examples. I thought I’d share a few.

There’s the woman in Australia who peeked at her husband’s Facebook account when he was asleep and discovered he wasn’t just cheating: he was living with a woman he met in Canada, where he frequently traveled on business.

Rather than confront the double dealer, she waited until he was out of the country again to make her move. As it happened their luxury house, complete with pool and a deck overlooking the city, was in her name. So, she did a quick-sale for far less than market value, put half the proceeds in their joint account and pocketed the other half.

When her husband returned, there were strangers living in his house and she was on a cruise with her girlfriends. Grab more data with regards to coin master spins gratis.

In England, a woman named Linda added public shaming to her revenge plot. She plastered posters all over the town of Warwick informing her husband, Graham, that if his girlfriend was so good in bed he could stay there.  Furthermore, the keys to his car were in the canal, the locks on his door were changed and their credit cards had been maxed out.

Then there’s the Aukland woman, who a hired a small prop plane to fly over a musical festival trailing a banner that read, “Scott Kelly has a small dick.” We can only imagine what Scott did to deserve that.

Proving that men also have vengeful spirits, the tattoo artist Ryan L. Fitzgerald indulged in a unique payback when he discovered his girlfriend was sleeping with one of his oldest friends. Instead of tattooing a scene from “Narnia” on her back, as requested, he substituted a pile of excrement with flies buzzing around. She sued for $100,000.

Do a Google search yourself. You’ll find stories ranging from burned-out houses and cars filled with horse manure to billboards and other signage denouncing the cheater. Again, great fun if you’re not on the receiving end.

But the best revenge is probably the one suggested by Frank Sinatra: “massive success.”

Lose 20 pounds, get a facelift, win a MacArthur genius grant or the lottery. Even better, find someone new who is loyal, trustworthy and loves you more than life itself. If he looks like  George Clooney, so much the better.

Would you tolerate cheating?  Please comment here.

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