Last week we heard from women who married after 50.  This week we turn the discussion over to women who never wish to marry — at least not ever again.

Jane, who divorced at 56, has had at least two serious relationships in the 20 years that followed.

Extremely active (she bikes, hikes, plays tennis and swims along with running her own business), Jane values her independence and her space.

She says her ex-husband was the love of her life, and she doesn’t expect to find that again.

The men she has loved since then occupy a different place in her heart.

Furthermore, she doesn’t need a husband for financial support.

“It’s nice to have a man in my life,” says Jane, “as long as he doesn’t want to move in.”

Amy, 58, says that in her teens, she thought she would marry, but changed her mind because most of the marriages she observed were problematic.

“My parents were married for many years, but they were like oil and water,” she says, adding that other couples seem to fight all the time.

As she gets older, however, Amy thinks it might be nice to have someone for companionship.

Children were an obstacle for Tamara, a lawyer who recently turned 50.  She always knew that motherhood was not for her, which created conflict in the serious relationships she had in her 20s.

While she’s still open to relationships, Tamara has never regretted the decision to stay single.

Then there’s René.  “I wouldn’t mind having a husband,” she says.  “I just don’t want to live with one.”

While these women differ in many ways, they have one thing in common.  In their bathrooms, the toilet seat is always down.

Let’s hear what you have to say.