One of the best things about being married is you don’t have to shave your legs, blow dry your hair and put on high heels just to spend an agonizing three hours with a stranger whose conversation is limited to his skin condition or ex-wife.

And those of us lucky enough to marry four or five decades ago, dodged the on-line-dating bullet. (We had to rely on maiden aunts and clueless roommates to arrange our bad dates.)

I will admit, however, that dating sites have gotten very sophisticated in recent years.  You can by-pass the very generalized and eHarmony and focus precisely on what you’re looking for.

There’s Right Stuff, a dating site for Ivy Leaguers;, which matches people based on their music preferences, and which does the same for daters who avoid tree nuts, milk, eggs, shellfish, etc.

Then there’re and, should you feel qualified.  If not, you might consider

For older daters, there’s;;, and

Cheaters might want to check out: Adult FriendFinder and Gleeden, which are similar to the infamously-hacked Ashley Madison.

Of course, there’s always the grim possibility you’ll wind up on the front page of your hometown newspaper.

Even more specialized are Equestrian; Geek 2 Geek; Democratic as well as;;; (as in Trekkies);,  and for snake lovers.

No, I’m not making this up.  Apparently, there’s a dating site for everyone out there.

What’s your experience with on-line dating?  Please share your stories, good or bad.

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