Catherine Zeta Jones married a man 25 years her senior; Brigitte Macron, the first lady of France, married one 24 years younger. Vive la difference!

One way to increase your pool of potential husbands is to expand your age criteria.

Celebrities have been doing it for years.  George Clooney is 17 years older than wife Amal; Kris Jenner’ ex-boyfriend Corey Gamble was 25 years her junior, and Ellen DeGeneres has 15 years on wife Portia de Rossi.

 In Husbands: An Owner’s Manual, I tell the story of Barbara who dated a man 17 years older than herself. Her next boyfriend was 17 years younger. The older boyfriend took her on nice trips and to fancy restaurants, but he turned out have serious control issues.

In retrospect, Barbara preferred the energy of the younger boyfriend both inside and outside the bedroom. So much so, she didn’t mind picking up the tab for nice trips and fancy restaurants herself.

If you’re planning to cross the generation dating gap, you should be aware there are trade-offs.  Whether you go older or younger, there will be incompatibilities.

  1. One of you thinks a “church key” is something that opens a chapel door. The other thinks a “hook up” means getting your telephone installed.
  2. One of you has no idea what “Beta Max” means; the other is similarly baffled by “Blu-ray.”
  3. One of you doesn’t own a checkbook; the other can’t figure out how to bank on line.
  4. One wears a watch, the other looks at his/her phone.
  5. One enjoys a half-caff, double-shot skim macchiato. The other orders coffee.
  6. One thinks Woodward and Bernstein is a law firm; the other thinks Android is a movie about aliens.

And then there’s the heart-stopping moment when you see a picture of his mother or daughter (as the case may be) and realize you went to school with her.

Younger men?  Older men? What’s your experience? Please comment. And share.

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