Call me crazy, but I don’t want to hear another word about Harvey Weinstein and his disgusting, criminal behavior.

I’m very interested, however, in hearing more about Georgina Chapman, the beautiful and talented fashion designer, to whom he was married for 10 years and how she plans to get even.

She’s issued a public statement condemning his actions and announcing her marriage is over.  In the wake of the scandal, her fashion house, Marchesa, may be over as well. At least, that’s the latest Internet buzz.

So, she’s publicly humiliated, her family is eviscerated, and her business may be washed up.  I personally hope she’s planning a suitable revenge.

If so, she might check out a recent story in London’s which has collected stories on how scorned wives and husbands from around the world have shamed their cheating spouses.

Tactics include paid billboards, front yard signage and graffiti-damaged cars. Here are some of my favorites.







On the other hand, Georgina can probably look forward to a hefty chunk of Harvey’s estimated $200 million net worth. That may be the best revenge of all.

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