Joan Collins and husband Percy Gibson

With five marriages under her belt, Joan Collins has finally found the formula for marital bliss.

The secret, reported in the Irish Examiner, is separate bathrooms.  The 84-year-old actress has been married to Percy Gibson, 34 years her junior, since 2002

None of her previous husbands (Maxwell Reed, Anthony Newley, Ron Kass and Peter Holm) lasted nearly as long, so she may be on to something.

Separate but equal is a formula that works for many couples.

My friend Julie insists on separate bedrooms because her husband’s snoring keeps her up all night. Melania Trump has a similar requirement. (And who could blame her.)

I personally put checking accounts and credit cards in the same category as tooth brushes.  (Sharing?  Ewww!)

Susan, who’s married to one of those men who constantly flip from one channel to another, found happiness in separate TVs.

And then we have Jennifer and Nat, whom we talk about in “Husbands: An Owner’s Manual.”  Married, they live in separate cities. She’s in Indianapolis: he’s in Chicago.  It’s worked for them for 20 years.

Togetherness, it seems, is not all it’s cracked up to be.


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