Painting by Jean Baptiste Santerre.

In my last blog entry, I revealed what Jack and I have been doing during quarantine (baking cookies, sewing masks and walking). A cursory glance at the internet reveals how the rest of you are spending your time.

According to the Los Angeles Times, retailers of sex toys are enjoying a 30% jump in Internet sales. And one luxury brand in Stockholm has had a 60% jump.

The Jerusalem Post reports that sales of sex toys in Denmark more than doubled after Danes were told to stay home.

“It makes me happy that we are doing something good during this difficult time, when people feel vulnerable,” said Mathilde Mackowski, co-owner of Sinful, the biggest sex toy seller in the Nordics.

Closer to home, an Illinois porn store was doing a great business in curbside delivery of vibrators, dildoes, etc. before being shut down for not meeting the “essential business” criteria.

And while most businesses in Columbia suffered during lockdown, online sex shops are booming. Reuters spoke to six e-tailers in this Central American country, all of which reported a swell in sales.

It appears that toilet paper is not the only thing in high demand.

The good news is that sex (with or without a partner) may help protect you in a pandemic, along with hand sanitizers, social distancing and face masks.

According to HuffPost, a study conducted by Wilkes University in Pennsylvania reveals there may be a link between having sex a few times a week and a strong immune system.  Researchers found subjects who had sex once or twice a week, had the highest levels of antibodies in their lungs, sinuses, stomachs and intestines compared to subjects who had sex less or more frequently.

These antibodies boost your immunity and fight off viruses.

And for those who are quarantined alone, the news is also good. Masturbation comes with a lot of the same benefits, according to Janet Brito, Los Angeles psychologist sex therapist.

So, if you’re zoning out at Zoom meetings, sick of streaming and can’t find that last piece to your jigsaw puzzle, don’t be afraid to take matters into your own hand.

It just might save your life.

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