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We’ve heard a few horror stories about dating online.  Meredith had a different experience.

In her 20s at the time and starting a career in food service, she had very little time for a social life.  The dating apps seemed like a harmless way to meet new people, go new places and get her out of a rut.

She didn’t realize that it could take over her life.

Signed up with two different apps, the young, attractive operations director was soon overwhelmed with responses, as many as 20 a day.

She spent long hours replying to messages, reviewing bios, checking other sources to make sure the bios were genuine and weeding out the ones she wasn’t interested in.

At the height of her involvement, Meredith was going on as many as three or four dates a week.

“It was confusing I’d have to look up each guy before meeting him, so I could remember what he’d told me.”

After three months, she slowed down her participation.  After a year she dropped out altogether.

Meredith says most of the men she met fell into one of two categories — those who merely wanted a quick hook-up and those who were ready to plan a wedding on the second date.

That said, she offers the following advice to others who might be thinking about cyber dating?

1.) Be open to meeting people who aren’t the type you usually date.

2.) Don’t get discouraged if “Mr./Ms. Right” doesn’t show up immediately.

3.) Ask questions, try to get to know the person you’re with and LISTEN.

She says she had a few guys ask her the same question more than twice because they weren’t really listening the first time.

In the end, Meredith did find love, but not online.  For the last several years, she’s been in a serious relationship with a man she met at a food-service industry event.

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