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With the November 6 midterm elections approaching and political discord heating up to an all-time frenzy, it’s increasingly imperative to date along party lines. Through the miracle of dating apps, it’s also easier.

Like-minded partisans can find each other on a number of different sites.

Conservatives Only, which boasts the motto “Because Liberals Just Don’t Get It,” promises to match people who share a passion for, “life, liberty and love.”

On the other side of the aisle is Liberal Hearts, which urges you to “meet your ‘politically correct”match using our uniquely “progressive” match system.

Libertarian Passions is the site for singles interested in the Libertarian Party.  The site features a dating chat line, meeting sites, and special matching for widows and widowers.

It should be noted that a few political dating sites have fallen on hard times.  Bernie Singles, which promised to match supporters of Bernie Sanders failed presidential bid, has also failed.  The site is no longer in operation.

A newer site, Donald Daters, for young supporters of the President was hacked October 15, the day it launched.  The personal data of more than 1,600 users was exposed as a result.  Former Republican operative Emily Moreno reports she started the app because young Trump supporters say their political views have made meeting and dating nearly impossible.

Apparently, a great percentage of daters agree with @bluerobin35 who tweeted last February: “#IdRatherWalkBarfootOverLegos than go on a date with a Trump supporter.”

Political Scientist Shanto Iyengar says our country’s biggest social divide might be politics rather than race or religion.

In a 2016 article in Science Friday, he points out that in the 1950s, less than 10 percent of Americans disapproved of an inter-party marriage.  Today, 25 percent would be troubled by a bi-partisan match.

That said, there are a number of notable exceptions. Former presidential advisers Mary Matalin (R) and James Carville (D) have been married since 1993. Speaker Paul Ryan’s wife Janna is from a long line of Oklahoma Democrats. And it’s no secret that the Governor Bruce Rauner (R IL.) and his wife Diana vote on opposite sides of ticket.

Then there’s my friend Morene, a Hillary supporter, who’s married to Barry, a die-hard Trumpie.  Morene has a full-proof system for conflict resolution. If the discussion gets too heated, she simply announces, “that’s it,” and walks out of the room.

“If there’s no winning a fight,” she asks, “why fight?”

Are politics impacting your romantic life?  Please comment here.

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