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Ordering More
I just I read it myself, gave one as a Christmas gift, just left one at my neighbor’s door for her birthday so I will be ordering more! Occur inside, try out ones own good fortune
Susie Duboe-Bryant

Laugh Out Loud
A friend picked up “Husbands: An Owner’s Manual at my house the other day and was laughing out loud while reading it.
Sari Steinberg

Perfect Gift
Judi Cone Schindler’s newly published book is hilariously insightful, entertaining read — and would make the perfect gift for any hard-working wife or well-adjusted couple.  Check it out!
Diane Valletta

Funny and Current from an Experienced Wife!
A super funny read with lots of true and tested information.  This book would be a great gift for any woman who may possibly be interested in a man, whether dating, engaged or married. Very easy to read and I loved how relevant the examples were especially for the author being married for 50 years and she included apps like Tinder in her writing!
Kimberly Friederich

Great Gift for All Girlfriends
Fun little stories that go on in every marriage.  Let’s you know you are not alon in all the little nuances that happen in marriage.  It makes a cute gift for all . . . even newly married who need to understand their husbands are not unique.

Best Shower Gift Ever
Judi has written a book for every woman who knows that “Men are from Mars” doesn’t begin to explain a man’s inability to find the ketchup in an empty frig.

Take it from a woman whose husband refused to eat her home-made veal parmigiana: it’s not easy but you can make marriage work.  And the rewards are well worth throwing out $20 worth of cutlets.
Cheryl Lavin

Hysterical, Great Gift
Great easy read! Had me laughing out loud! The kind of book that you stop and read to your significant other (of course, during a TV advert during football game! Great gift.

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“The material was funny, honest and insightful. The integration of high tech with the video, voice-overs and phone calls kept the pace going. What fun!”
Leah Axelrod, President, My Kind of Town Tours & Events

“Wonderful insight into the institution of marriage.”
Gerry Laurence, Northbrook

“Husbands: An Owners Manual is a hoot.”
Dobra Bielinski, Chicago

“The presentation . . . was a very humorous, yet honest, commentary on having a husband.”
Angelika Coghlan – Cary, IL

“Clever and fun evening.”
Leslie Shapiro, Northbrook

“This one-person show is very funny, right on point, and Judi does an outstanding job!”
Phyllis Malitz, Northbrook

“Funny, sobering and inspiring for any marriage – old or newly wed.”
Sandy Mathews, Chicago

“Reminds me of a female, funny Andy Rooney.”
Kathleen Drennan, Chicago

“Beneath all the humor and funny stuff was some real, honest and valid advice. I loved the show.”
Julie Paradise, Chicago

“Resonates on many levels and makes you laugh out loud,”
Nina Feinberg, Chicago

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