As many a criminal has discovered, you can’t get away with anything these days.  There are cameras everywhere – on lampposts, mailboxes and in every stranger’s pocket.

But it’s not just lawbreakers who have to be careful.  Cheaters, looking for extra-curricular dalliances, should also beware.

In Lima Peru, a husband caught his wife with another man when he looked up directions on Google Maps.  As it happened, a Google street cam had recorded his wife canoodling with another man in the neighborhood he was searching. Similar Google Map “gotchas” were reported in England and Russia.

In addition to cameras, digital tracking also can catch a culprit in the act.

A New York man, who was discovered fooling around with his ex-girlfriend, has his Pokémon habit to blame.  (For the uninitiated, Pokémon is an addictive Japanese cell phone app, which allows players to collect virtual monsters that appear on their phones in real-world locations.)

Unfortunately for this guy, the phone also records and stores where each Pokémon was captured. The current girlfriend had only to consult the app to discover he’d picked up points at his ex’s house.

If you suspect your partner of cheating, you don’t have to rely on the Google street cam or virtual monsters, there are a variety of smartphone apps that will do the job for you.

Just look at what TheOneSpy can do. Install the app on your partner’s iPhone or iPad, and it will collect all emails, text messages and browsing history. It will even record phone conversations. All you do is go to an encrypted website to recover the data. The cost, $25 for 30 days of monitoring, is a bargain.

Then there’s the FlexiSpy, which will do all the above plus spy on GPS locations, passwords and other apps.  It can be installed on computers as well as mobile devices. Prices range from $29.95 to $68 per month, depending on the device.

These days, the fear of COVID-19 exposure should be sufficient to prevent anyone from cheating. But if that’s not enough deterrent, keep in mind, someone could be recording your every move at every moment of the day.

If you’re not afraid, you should be – VERY AFRAID!

What do you think — a good thing or bad? Your comments welcome here. 

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