Allen Eyestone / The Palm Beach Post

In 1953, the Ladies Home Journal introduced one of its most popular features, “Can This Marriage Be Saved.”  Every month, a troubled couple would detail their problems, while a professional therapist provided the solution.

What would the magazine say about the current marital discord in the White House?

First, Melania has to put up with a story that her husband cheated on her with a porn star; then she finds out that she wasn’t the only one he was cheating on.  There was also the “Playmate of the Year” he started seeing two months after their son was born.

At the same time, a story breaks, asking for an accounting of the $106 million in donations raised for Trump’s inaugural committee.  The implication is that a portion was laundered through a company owned by one of the first lady’s close friends, making it look like Melania had her hand in the cookie jar.

But the sharpest blow may have come on February 8, when the New York Daily News reported that Trump lied about the value of his wife’s diamond ring. (He’d boasted it was worth $2.5 million, but Graff Diamonds had given him a $1 million discount.)  Not true, says the president of the company.  There was no discount.

For the record, Jay-Z is a bigger sport. The ring he bought Beyonce was worth more than $3.7 million at time of sale

No wonder the Trumps sleep in separate bedrooms and she won’t hold his tiny hand in public.

Can this marriage be saved?  No way in hell.


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