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To stay abreast of the issues surrounding marriage, I have my Google Alerts set for “Cheating Husbands.” (Doesn’t everybody?)

As a result, my email box is filled each day with stories about scorned women who chop off their husband’s penises, smash their trucks and attack their mistresses in crowded restaurants. (Please note I am not providing links to these lurid stories. I read them so you don’t have to.)

 One article posted July 12 in The Good Men Project is worth sharing, however. Relationship expert Clinton Power cites seven reasons men cheat:

  1. Revenge
  2. Addictions, compulsions
  3. Boredom, unrealistic expectations
  4. To sabotage or destroy relationship
  5. Immaturity
  6. Childhood abuse
  7. Insecurity

In other words, for the most part men don’t cheat because their wives are inadequate.  They do so because they themselves are inadequate, in one way or another.

This explains how it’s possible that gorgeous, smart, successful women like Maria Shriver, Huma Abedin, Sandra Bullock, Gwen Stefani and Jennifer Garner had cheating husbands.

So, if your spouse or partner cheats, you can take comfort in the fact that it’s not your fault. It’s his.  The issue is whether you can live with a cheater.

Beyoncé, Tori Spelling, Regina Lasko Letterman, Hillary Clinton and all the Kennedy women could.  The women who chop off their husbands’ penises and smash up their Chevy Silverado’s could not. Who’s to say which approach is better?

Where do you stand? Do the benefits of a long-term marriage outweigh the pain of betrayal? Let me hear from you in comments.

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